Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ongoing Fujifilm X100 Review

ePhotoZine has an ongoing, live-post review of the Fuji X100 camera. This is easily the most anticipated camera of the last year, and from the looks of things at this early stage, it will not be a disappointment. The images and their color look buttery smooth, and ISO performance looks to be top-flight, at least on par with the current crop of APS-C cameras.

I'm disappointed that the sensor's base ISO is apparently 200, since ISO-100 is only available via the camera's JPEG output. This means that ISO-100's dynamic range will take a significant hit.

If the early photos are any indication, I'm also a little disappointed with the lens. The center of the images appear sharp, but wide-open, the edges and corners are more than a little soft.

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