Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fuji X Pro 1 Lens Test Photos

EPhotozine has posted test shots (here, here, and here) of the new Fuji X Pro 1 lenses and they are quite good.

UPDATE: PhotographyBlog has also posted test images of the lenses. They do a better job of showing off the specific characteristics of each lens. Their focal numbers are 35mm equivalent, so the 18mm becomes 27mm, 35mm becomes 53mm, and the 60mm becomes 90mm. All three lenses impress. The macro is tack-sharp. This one, in particular, shows off the 18mm.

The 35mm f/1.4 is unfortunately soft even in the center at f/1.4. That aperture is not an easy thing to engineer, though, and considering that the lens sharpens up well at f/2.0, we'll give Fuji a pass on what is arguably a small problem. Considering that many other companies produce similar lenses for wildly more money, kudos is due to Fuji.

The wider 18mm f/2.0 is much sharper wide open, but that's not surprising. This lens impresses me more than the 35mm with excellent evenness across the frame. Ideally, having it slightly faster would have been nice for what is the equivalent of a 28mm lens, but f/2.0 is still excellent.

The 60mm macro, which must compete with Canon's excellent EF-S 60mm f/2.8 macro, is excellent. It appears to degrade near the edges more the Canon, but vignetting is better controlled. Wide open on Canon's lens produces a loss of over an EV by the corners, whereas the Fuji shows much less than an EV. The test photos also appear to show some flaring from f/8.0 and up. I hope that Fuji includes a hood.

All things considered, the three launch lenses are more than competitive. They are fast, sharp, and well-made. Combined with the X Pro 1 itself, I think that Fuji just hit the big time. If only their camera was cheaper... and had autofocus that didn't suck.

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