Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fuji X Pro 1 Autofocus Test

An autofocus test has shown up on YouTube, and Cnet's statement that it was sub-par was, sadly, accurate. The tests show it to be among the slowest AF that I've seen, and it is easily the slowest performance of any camera in the price range that Fuji is targeting. While I'm sure that Fuji will hit its targets, I think that their sales could be much better if they dropped the price of the camera by $200 and include a kit with a big discount on the lens. Because at this price, pros won't accept this problem, and enthusiasts have many options.

Still, I can't help but want this camera. I hope that a few months on the market will give them a chance to fix some of the problems. It still won't be worth it, but it will be almost worth it.

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