Thursday, March 15, 2012

Photography Blog Posts First Fuji X Pro 1 Review

Well, the first review of the X Pro 1 from a major source has surfaced. Unfortunately, it's Photography Blog. I had never found much use for their reviews before this point, and that criticism remains. They are woefully easy on products that come across their desk, and considering that other people who have handled the camera have referred to its autofocus as "terrible," PB's usage of the term "ponderous" does nothing but annoy me.

The review hits all of the points that we expect of a review and nothing else. Conclusion? They love the camera, but don't like the price. Considering the ISO performance of the camera, though, I think that the final price is not entirely insane. I don't think that it's good business sense, but it's not insane.

That ISO performance is really the shining star. Photos are completely usable up to 25,600. No other APS-C camera comes close. This is an even bigger leap than the new generation of Sony sensors seen in the Pentax K5 and Nikon D7000. Truly impressive. I wounder if Fuji will sell that sensor to other companies, because I can think of about a dozen cell phone makers that would line up to get their hands on it.

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