Friday, March 23, 2012

One Camera To Rule Them All

I'm not happy with Canon. They are being depressing conservative in everything they are doing, only advancing as far as the market absolutely demands. Nikon isn't doing much better, but they are at least doing better. And holy crap on a cracker, the new Nikon D800 appears ready to knock some socks off.

DxOMark has posted its review of the new Sony-sensored, 36Mp supercamera, and it does amazingly. It scores a 95(!) on DxO's normalized scoring system, putting it within spitting distance of the top cameras. Its pixel quality is noticeably below the newly released D4, but that would be expected with over twice the resolution. Canon has quite a rift to fill with the upcoming EOS 1DX and 5D Mark III. And considering that both cameras are significantly more expensive than this camera, I think that Nikon will make inroads with those in the market for a new system.

Again, I'm not much happy with either Nikon or Canon and am not tempted to buy this camera. What has me excited is that the sensor is a Sony-made Exmor sensor, which means that it will very likely find its way into a future Sony camera. That camera has me very excited. Although, truth be told, my recent chance to play with the 14-24mm f/2.8 Nikon lens is making me want a Nikon. It is a mind-blowing lens.

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