Saturday, March 24, 2012

EOS HD Compares the new D800 with the 5D Mark III

I said that the new Nikon cameras revealed a philosophy that is better and less likely to collapse than Canon's super-conservative direction. EOS HD, a well-known videography website, just had this to say about the comparison of the D800 with the 5D Mark III.
"Right now it feels like things are turning upside down and I will end up being a Nikon user! Canon must respond with the 4K EOS or even a 5D X if they are to not completely fall behind the competition."
They also compare the new Nikon very favorably to the Panasonic GH2, which, when hacked, is still world-class in its performance/price ratio. Panasonic should be very happy with its GH2, since it is the only thing keeping me in the Micro 4/3 fold. The E-M5 may prove exciting, but not until I see a test that controls for ISO variation vis-a-vis noise performance.

As it stands, I have never been more tempted to really lay down the cash and buy Full Format like I am with the D800. I'm definitely waiting, though, because I want to see what Sony has.

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