Monday, March 19, 2012

Fuji X-Mount Lenses Get Reviewed

The 35mm f/1.4. Sharp as a tack.
ePhotozine has posted reviews of the three Fuji X-mount lenses and assumptions from the most recent test photos have been borne out in the lab.

All three lenses perform very well. Center sharpness in the 35mm is incredible, shooting well off the top of their charts. The 60mm actually performs a bit worse than I expected, but that's to say it performs well as opposed to amazingly well. The evenness across the frame on the macro is excellent, but macro lenses are frequently like that. So what I'm saying is, there are no surprises with it.

The 18mm and 35mm both perform similarly, with the center of frame much sharper than the edges. With the 35mm, that's not much of an issue since the edges are still very good, but on the 18mm, the edges are a bit disappointing. It only achieves a "good" rating on ePhotozine's charts at f/5.6 and doesn't go much further than that. If this test is confirmed by other tests, I don't think the 18mm is worth the premium.

This is disappointing, I was impressed with early test images of the 18mm, and as more and more images came out, the less impressive the lens became. Ah well. The other two lenses are very good and an excellent start for Fuji's nascent system.

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