Thursday, March 8, 2012

Early X Pro 1 Comments Are Not Sounding Good

And haven't quite caught it, yet.
43Rumors has an overview on a few hands-on reports from photogs around the world concerning both the E-M5 and the Fuji X Pro 1, two cameras in which I am more than a little interested. None of the reports are good.

Truly, the general consensus on the X Pro 1 is that the autofocus is terrible, which we knew, but that it is also cheaply made. One reviewer mentions that he felt that the X100 was cheaply made, which I disagree with. If it hadn't been for the awful usability issues, I would have loved the tactile feeling provided by the X100. Still, while one opinion does not a consensus make, a few do. And we have a few. This is a huge disappointment for me. I was on the verge of ordering the camera , since I am the kind of photog who will sacrifice ergonomics and usability for image quality.

The E-M5 also disappoints. One reviewer says that the ergonomics are such that getting "the shot" in a particular environment was impossible. This is both disappointing and puzzling since the ergonomics are very good on the G3 and GH2. Another reviewer says that the E-M5 comes alive after having the battery grip installed, but that it is also cheaply made, especially considering its high price.

That said, the Oly doesn't disappoint as hard as the X Pro 1. In fact, there are quite a few good reviews of the camera. My surprise may be because my expectations of the camera had dropped to near-zero after Olympus' refusing to talk about the sensor and the disappointing high-ISO samples. I look forward to the later reviews, but considering the NEX series that is out there, it's a really tough sell for Oly.

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