Saturday, March 3, 2012

First Fuji X Pro 1 Review

Cnet Asia has posted the first major review of the Fuji X Pro 1 and the ISO tests are incredibly impressive.

As we all know, the Sony NEX 5n has an amazing sensor as regards noise levels. It's not the absolute best APS-C camera on the market, though. That honor goes to the Pentax K5. But even then, it compares very favorably to even full-frame cameras. The X Pro 1 blows the NEX 5n out of the water. It's in a different league.

As with the X100, though, not all is well in Fujiland. The autofocus, again as with the X100, is disappointing. They don't specify, but they didn't mention the AF speed on the NEX 5n's review, and I thought that its AF was rather poor. So for them to mention the AF leads me to believe that the speed is noticeably poor.

Unfortunately, there are precious few details that we can glean from this review. Cnet, for all its size, produces some of the worst, most useless reviews on the internet. I cannot wait for DPReview and DxOMark.

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