Friday, August 12, 2011

Sony A77 Looks Amazing

Sony has self-leaked a video of the A77, their upcoming APS-C ubercamera, and my first thought is Goddam that's huge!

I don't know what the final specs will be, but from the video, I'd guess that it's larger than the EOS 7D, which I believe is the current size queen, er, king.

If the specs are all true, this camera is going to be an absolute, total, unbelievable beast. I'm very excited to try one out.

It also got me thinking about APS-C in general. Sony makes few APS-C lenses, and most of them are decidedly low-quality. The A77 will likely cost north of $1,500, and those willing to lay down that kind of coin will also be buying high-end lenses, of which Sony only makes full-frame models.

Don't limit yourselves to the APS-C format. Better noise levels can be easily had with a small increase in sensor size, like with Canon's EOS 1D, which sports an APS-H sized sensor. Frankly, Canon has shown a similar disinterest in their APS-C models, so just screw it! Forget the sensor size and make all pro-sumer models APS-H.

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