Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's Seeming More Likely That The E-M5 Sensor Is, In Fact, A Sony

A recent interview with a Panasonic executive wandered into a discussion of sensors. Interestingly, the sensor in the upcoming LX7 is not a Panasonic, which makes me guess that the LX5 was also not a Panasonic. I'm not surprised and am almost entirely sure that the sensor is a Sony, since Sony is the only company out there, aside from Fuji, producing groundbreaking sensors. And as a sensor gets smaller, the importance of the sensor's quality becomes increasingly important.

The exec also mentioned that the upcoming G5 and the E-M5 absolutely have different sensors. I was more interested in whether the E-M5 had the same sensor as the G3, not the G5, but I assume that it would have come up if so. With this comment, my skepticism is essentially eliminated. But now, as I mentioned in a previous post, we're left with the question of why the new E-M5's sensor underperforms the Canon G1X, even though Canon's sensors are two, maybe even three, generations behind Sony's hardware. Has Olympus lost its magic touch? Oly's sensors were always better than Panasonic's manifestations of the same sensor because Oly was so good at designing pipelines and processing hardware. Moreover, why is the Oly's sensor's ISO so inaccurate?

I know that I'm harping on this, but the marketing garbage, which sometimes borders on outright lies, that flows unceasingly from the mouths of camera company reps has become intolerable for me. It's like that old joke "How can you tell if a lawyer is lying? His lips are moving." I feel the same way about camera companies. It provides some degree of therapy when I can vehemently attack them in a public venue for being so full of shit.

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