Friday, September 14, 2012

First Sony A99/NEX 6 Photos Released

The first test photos of the new NEX 6 and A99 cameras have hit the interwebs. The NEX 6 is very impressive and the A99 is... whelming. First, the good news.

The Fuji X Pro sensor appears to have given Sony the nudge it needed, because the NEX 6 sensor is very impressive. The images taken at the max ISO of 25,600 are usable. They aren't pretty, to be sure, but they are usable for small print or Facebook purposes.  It's still not in the same league as the X Pro 1, but it's a noticeable bump up from the NEX 5n.

The bad news, sorta', is the A99. The ISO performance is about as whelming as possible while not quite being disappointing. This isn't a surprise since the SLT mirror causes quite a hit to both resolution and ISO, and this effect was seen in grand fashion in image comparisons between the A77 and the NEX 7, which use the same sensor.

To be fair, these are all JPEGs, and Sony is notorious for god-awful JPEG processing. I'm sure that these cameras are no different, since even at low-ISO, there is significant detail smudging. Still, I wish that Sony had given us the ability to move the mirror out of the way.

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