Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sony RX1 Gets DxOMark Review: Blows The Doors Off Competition

If you wanted more evidence that the RX1 is the supercamera du jour, look no further than DxOMark. The RX1 has just landed itself in 4th place among all cameras. The only cameras to beat it are the triumvirate from Nikon: the D800, D800E, and D600. Considering all of these cameras are sporting Sony sensors, it's not surprising that they are separated by scores that essentially fall within the margin of error.

As is usually the case, Sony's processing is inferior to Nikon, meaning that the Nikon cameras squeak out victories in all metrics, especially in the ISO score, which is usually where processing has the largest effect. Honestly, though, the differences are going to be mostly academic.

As I said, the price for this camera is not unreasonable. It's not a deal by any measure, but for an excellent lens attached to a world-beating sensor with leaf shutter, $2,800 still makes it a tempting purchase. It is a unique camera. Sony's camera division should be proud of this.

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