Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sony Admits the A99 Isn't Selling

Sony has already launched the first "sale" for the A99, effectively admitting that, just as most industry observers thought, it isn't selling.

Sony of course is trying to save face and they aren't calling this a "sale." They're calling it a "bundle," where you get the camera, the verticle grip, and a flash for just the price of the camera. If you were planning on buying these things anyway, it drops the price of the camera down to around $2,000, which is precisely where it should have been from the get-go. Of course they shouldn't be fucking around and should instead simply drop the price of the camera to $1,999, but this is Sony, so they won't do that.

When is Sony going to realize that they don't have any brand value left? Why do they persist in trying to trade on the Sony name? They need to compete on price unless they have a truly unique product like the RX1 or RX100.

Regardless, this is actually a pretty good deal. If you're in Sony's system and don't have these accessories already, I'd make the jump. I still don't like the EVF for a flagship camera, but other than that, the A99 is a very solid camera.

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