Tuesday, April 3, 2012

X Pro 1, E-M5, NEX-7, and GX1 All Get Compared

A massive comparison of lenses, cameras, processors, and other cool things has popped up. You can view the Google Translated page dealing with the NEX-7 and E-M5 here. The X-Pro 1 comparison is here.

What stands out to me, which was also apparent after viewing the images at Imaging Resource, is that total noise levels below 3200 are very similar between the X Pro 1 and the NEX-5n/7. It's after that where the X Pro 1 shows a remarkable ability to retain fine detail. It must be the new RGB layout, because it is just so damned impressive.

What is disappointing, though, is that this adds further fuel to the assertion that the Olympus E-M5's sensor is nothing more than the GX1/G3 sensor with better pipes. Still... weather sealing; damn it's nice.

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