Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hurrah! DPReview Posts Fuji X Pro 1 Review.

DPReview has posted its review of the Fuji X Pro 1 aaaaaand pretty much everything that one could expect from a full review has come true.

They love the image quality, the dynamic range, the detail, and the ISO performance. They hate the operational quirks and the autofocus. They also measured something that I wasn't expecting, that all ISO settings are 1/3 to 2/3 low. I assaulted the Olympus E-M5 for having a similar problem — I actually suspect that Olympus did it on purpose to game tests — and the Fuji won't get off easy, either. Having accurate ISO measurements is important. If your camera does not have them, don't fuck around with the sensor, simply rename your sensitivity levels.

This also means that cameras from Sony don't perform quite as badly in comparison, since both the NEX-7 and NEX-5n measure higher, with the NEX-7 measuring 1/3 stop higher than nominal. That means that the NEX-7 is actually exposing a full stop more per ISO setting than the X Pro 1.

That difference is enough to make the Olympus look bad in comparison, which is why I suspect that Oly did it on purpose — also because Oly's last big camera, the E5, was wildly inaccurate, with measured ISO settings being a full stop below nominal. But the Fuji doesn't need to worry about this. It looks fine in comparison! It's still much better than the NEX 7. There is no reason to be inaccurate, so why not be?

Regardless, the camera came out with a mostly good review. If Fuji can fix the AF issues, which may require updated lenses, and functional issues that can likely be done in firmware, they will have a world-beater.

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