Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Perchance Canon Does Good?

Tomorrow, Canon will announce... something. Whatever it is, the focus is on Hollywood and Martin Scorsese will be on hand to be impressive for the audience.

The 1D-X showed that Canon had finally become aware of the significance of the 5D Mark-II vis-a-vis Hollywood. They should have been aware of this two weeks after the launch of the 5D MkII, but better late than never, I suppose.

This is undoubtedly a big announcement. It means that Canon is going to be officially moving into Hollywood and pro-level productions. And while I doubt the most discerning cinephiles in Hollywood will produce their films on Canons (instead more likely opting for RED or ARRI cameras), that hasn't stopped people from using 5D's exclusively for ease of use or budgetary reasons. For example, the recent film Inkubus was filmed entirely on 5D cameras.

If I were to take a guess, and I will, I imagine that this will not be a 5D Mark-III, no matter how much I would like that. Instead, it will be an assortment of Canon brand film making accessories, hardware, lenses, and a digital camcorder sort of device similar to Panasonic's GH2-sensored AG-AF100.

While I applaud Canon for finally making the leap, this isn't terribly interesting. Canon is only doing what people had told them to do years ago. This is not intelligence, it is no longer being dumb.

This announcement, unless they throw a curve ball of a new mirrorless system or something, isn't of great interest to me seeing as I produce very few videos: a YouTube rant now and then at most. Still, since I am already in with Canon, cine lenses might prove interesting if the mount is compatible. Also, this will further allow me to fantasize about winning best picture. I do that sometimes.

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