Tuesday, November 15, 2011

First Fuji X10 Review Available

ePhotozine has posted the first review of the X10. Their impression is very similar to my by-proxy impressions of the camera. Namely, the camera is excellent, but the cost is quite high and difficult to rationalize.

The camera has many benefits, including shooting speed that blows away other compact cameras. Even using RAW, it manages 6fps for a 1-second burst, then still manages 1.4fps after that. JPEG is faster by 1fps, but who cares about that? Pfft. JPEG.

I would call this a killer app, except that I suspect that every compact camera in the next generation will have similar speeds. This feature has been further leapfrogged by the Nikon V1/J1, which can take photos at 4,345,716 fps. Although, if you wanna' talk about over-priced, the Nikon is even crazier than the Fuji.

I think that my previous statement covers how I feel. If they drop the price by $100, I will give it serious consideration. But currently, a $600 compact camera is just a bit too dear.


ePhotozine wasn't really the first review. Luminous Landscape also posted a review a few days ago and reached similar conclusions. Still, he was highly impressed by everything about the camera. One point that he made that I forgot to mention about the X10/X100 was the dedicated RAW button. It makes NO sense at all. I spend all of my time in RAW and over the course of three days with the X100, never once touched that stupid button. I like the shutter dial. I don't mind that it is not user-assignable. But this button should have been useful for something.

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