Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sony NEX-7 Gets DxO Stamp Of Approval

Yeah. It kicks ass.
DxOMark, one of the most standardized camera testing methods available, has tested the sensor in the new NEX-7 and has returned exactly what most industry observers expected: significantly better ISO performance than the A77 and A65. Likewise, as was observed in earlier tests, the ISO performance lags behind current, 16MP Sony sensors such as those in the Nikon D7000 and the Pentax K5. Dynamic range in the older sensors was also slightly better in the Nikon, and significantly better in the Pentax. That has a great deal to do with the lack of an ISO50 or 80 option. One can expose to the right and then pull the image back in post to match this a bit, but the option would have been nice.

Regardless, 24MP. Let me repeat that, TWENTY-FOUR MEGAPIXELS, wedged onto an APS-C sensor, and it works near the top of its class in ever metric. This is a landmark sensor, and that is saying a lot, since the previous generation of APS-C sensors, at 16MP, were fantastic.

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