Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Official Fuji X-S1 Photos Posted

Fuji X-S1 Demo Photo: Dark Forest
Fuji has posted a series of official demo photos for the new X-S1, and it's looking... good? I chose the above image to post because it shows off the resolution of the lens at more moderate zoom, which is what most people will be using. It's adequate, but not at all impressive. As you can see from the downsized version above, the resolution is quite good at Facebook-level, but will Facebook people be buying this camera?

Most impressive is the extreme end of the zoom, seen in the photo of the lion. With an over 600mm equivalent, it is very sharp. If you want compact, extreme zoom, this is a good choice.

Fuji X-S1 Demo Photo: Lion
The rest of the zoom range, though, is whelming. And that's a problem. The images need to be much more than whelming to make the high price of Fuji's new little darling make sense. Is it good? Yes. But the price for good tops out at $500. At $800, this camera needed to produce great, which it didn't.

Obviously, I await the tests to come. The sensor performs as one would expect after seeing the X10, which is very good. Noise levels are noticeable in the sky photos, but that's about it. I also hope that someone does a lens test. It will be interesting to see where the lens peaks.

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