Monday, November 14, 2011

New Fuji X10 Samples Gallery

DPReview, the lord of all photographic review websites, as uploaded a new samples gallery for the Fuji X10. They are all JPEG, and, at low-ISO, show an excellent amount of detail and color. As with other images, Fuji seems to be very even-handed with noise reduction, resulting in images that are a bit noisy even at base-ISO. Of course, this results in highly-textured images with all of the detail that the lens can muster, which is a good amount, but not as good as the Olympus XZ-1. Similarly, the image processing on the upcoming Canon S100 appears better. Both of these facts go a long way toward making the very high price of the X10 difficult to justify.

That said, the high-ISO performance is very good. It appears to be at least a stop better than the Olympus, and around half-a-stop better than the Canon. This noise difference is visible throughout the ISO range, but not to the degree seen above ISO-800. Much more importantly, though, is the color retention. Overall color performance and dynamic range appear to exceed the Canon.

These images are merely the teasers for a real photography enthusiast. It is the RAW images that I want to see. It is in those where we will see the camera's actual performance.

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