Friday, July 20, 2012

Details Of Canon's New Mirrorless System Leak Out

Canon is readying a new mirrorless system to do battle with the likes of Sony, Fuji, and Micro 4/3. Much like the Nikon V1/J1, it appears that Canon's offering is going to be a wan piece of crap.

Early reports indicate that the camera is aiming not for Micro 4/3, but for Sony's NEX cameras, which is why Canon chose an APS-C sensor over the smaller one in the G1X. This, yet again, confirms to me that the arrogance of Canon and Nikon knows no bounds, and they don't even consider Micro 4/3 a player. Those same reports indicate the camera feels cheaply built. This means that Canon is artificially segmenting their product lines... again... and this camera line will be aimed entirely at an entry-level market. 'Cause we know how well that worked out for Micro 4/3.

Combined with the fact that Canon's sensor development has essentially stood still for the past three years --and really even longer than that if we ignore simple increases in resolution-- Canon's new system will be a non-option. For those who want an APS-C sensor, Sony will be the only logical option. And for those with even greater pro/enthusiast aspirations will certainly not be lured away from the Fuji X Pro 1.

I await more details so I am given the opportunity to taunt them a second time.


  1. Yet ANOTHER disappointment from Canon. First they finally admit to the S100 lens error, then there was (yes, past tense) the G1X, and now this so called mirrorless camera?

    Canon is reminding me more and more like Toyota. Once use to be the best in the industry, but now relying solely are there name and it just isn't cutting it.

    1. I completely agree. They last innovated with the 5D Mark II. The 7D was pretty impressive as well, but it's been seriously downhill since then. Even their lenses have been increasingly underwhelming in comparison to almost every other company.


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