Friday, July 13, 2012

Sony RX100 Racks Up Two More Stellar Reviews

As if the Sony RX100 being a kick-ass camera needed any more confirmation, both EOSHD and Luminous Landscape have produced reviews of Sony's little wunderkind and have come away impressed. Luminous Landscape said that
For demanding quality-conscious photographers looking to own an always-along camera able to produce pro-quality results, the RX100 is not just hard, but for the moment almost impossible to beat.
Nearly every review has mentioned that this camera makes the Canon G1X a pointless exercise, and EOSHD echoes the sentiment, saying
Bluntly the fast focussing, smaller, brighter lens on the RX100 makes the G1X’s lens look like it was designed a couple of years ago by a much lesser company than Canon.
One of the biggest reasons for that is because Canon has been artificially segmenting its market for over a decade. It stopped pushing the limits of technology and innovation long ago. Not so with Sony, again as EOSHD says
There’s clearly been no artificial market segmentation here and the RX100 is as good as the new technology inside allows it to be. I am sure Sony will cannibalise a few NEX sales with this beast but far better Sony do it than someone else.
I await the upcoming Sony full-frame cameras, because the NEX-7 and 5n, their continuing innovation with SLT technology, and a stated dedication to expanding their line of enthusiast lenses, keeps a switch to them on the table for all sensor formats. I doubt that I'm going to leave Micro 4/3, especially after the Olympus 75mm, but it's at least possible.

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