Monday, July 23, 2012

Canon G1X Drops Price By Nearly $100

When the Canon G1X came out, I mocked it, as I've been known to do to Canon. It was a camera built on pretensions, over-priced, and under-lensed. At $800, only a madman would buy it. It has been outsold by almost every primary competitor in that price bracket since launch. The NEX 5n, 7, E-M5, every major P&S, and now the Sony RX100.

Well, at some time in the past month, Canon saw fit to drop the price on its poorly selling, malformed baby. It is now available for $709 on Amazon, Adorama, and B&H. I don't know when this happened, but it doesn't matter. It hasn't been enough to lift the camera out of the doldrums of the Amazon sales rank; it's currently hanging at #224 in cameras. Just for the sake of confirmation, the G1X doesn't even appear on Flickr's Camera Finder charts.

This reminds me of the wild discounting that started happening on Panasonic cameras after they realized that everyone was buying the Olympus E-M5. Just take a look at these two charts to see where Canon is headed.

The Panasonic Cameras Flickr Chart... Ruh Roh. The magenta line is the 3-year-old GF1.
Meanwhile, here is the Olympus chart. Take a guess as to which line is the E-M5.
That about says it all. How long do you suppose we'll have to wait before we see a price drop on the new Canon EOS M? A month? Two? It took the G1X six.

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