Monday, July 30, 2012

I'll Say It Again, The Nokia 808 Pureview Will Blow Your Fucking Mind

DPReview has posted a full review of the Nokia 808, and if you ever wanted proof that it is the camerphone, this is it. DPReview gives you their studio comparison tool that shows, in stark detail, how well the 808 Pureview compares to full cameras. The detail is jaw-dropping. The ISO performance so completely obliterates all other cell phones as to make them seem like toys. Obviously, there is only so much magic that can be done on a sensor of a set size, and the Nikon V1 noticeably outperforms the Pureview at ISO 1600.

The 808 is not without its faults. Most of them are in the software and interface, which can be fixed with updates or with aftermarket software. The only fundamental issue is that the sensor clips highlights, but this could undoubtedly be fixed with access to the raw files.

This is a company-making product. It is unique in the market. Nokia should be proud, because it finally delivered the innovation that people have been wanting since the iPhone came out. With this and the Sony RX100, the P&S camera market has been completely upended.

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