Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DxO Mark And DPReview Tie The Knot

Two of my favorite camera websites are teaming up to analyze lenses. DxO Mark and DPReview are joining forces, with DxO opening a physical office next to the DPR's offices. The tests will be done by DxO and then the data will be translated into DPR's super-fantastic lens analysis tool. I assume that this means that DPR will no longer be doing their own tests, but that's fine. Data be data, regardless of who collects it... alright, don't point out to me how wrong that is. I know that data collected by different people can be different. But just go with me for the sake of... sake of... sake of not not going with me.

I hope with the hope of a thousand Obama voters that they go into DxO's database and begin translating all of their lenses into easy-to-use DPR charts. No one on the net has a database of lenses as large as DxO Mark. And while they certainly have some big holes in their selection, it is a huge and useful tool. Currently, if you're interested in the performance of lenses, you have to go to Lenstip, Photozone, The Digital Picture, DxO Mark, SLR Gear, and a dozen other smaller websites in hopes of garnering a complete picture, pun intended, of a lens' characteristics. Even worse, since they all use different testing methods, it is impossible to compare results across systems and websites. Combined with the fact that some websites and some lenses, and some websites have other lenses, it becomes almost impossible to figure out the lens landscape. It's less than ideal.

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