Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Panasonic Should Be Concerned About The GH3

As a writer of camera schtuff, I have a bit of insight that many don't. Namely, I can watch when traffic jumps, indicating interest in a particular camera. For example, I am still getting attention for posts about the Canon G13 that I wrote when I was predicting the release of a G camera with larger sensor... the camera that would become the G1X.

Similarly, when I wrote about the Fuji X Pro 1 or Nikon D800, I saw huge spikes in traffic for those keywords. I also see spikes now and then for my mentions of the Olympus E-7, and saw decent spikes when the Olympus E-M5 was announced.

I have seen no such spikes regarding the GH3. None. Zip. Barely a bubble. Now, obviously, I am not the ideal metric by which to gauge these things. I only get about 10,000 views per month, if I'm lucky. But I think that while I cannot be compared to other websites, I can be compared across my own posts. If one post only sees 100 views, and another 1,000, I think that indicates something significant.

I don't know what to make of this. Is it the price? Is it the lenses? To me, the GH3 is a success--a powerful tool, including most of the things for which anyone could ask. Obviously, the true test will come when video and RAW photo samples are released, but no one currently knows those variables. That shouldn't be affecting people's interest now.

But here we are. Is it the design? The Olympus E-M5 saw a spike and generated solid interest. Were people simply taken by its retro looks? Is it the brand? Has Panasonic simply lost any cachet it may have once had? The last success they've had was the GF1, and that was three years ago.

I'm sorry if I appear to be belaboring the point, but this has me legitimately confuzzled. Panasonic needs to do... something to kick up the interest in this camera. Their market share is dwindling badly, and this should be their knight in shining magnesium alloy, destined to save them from the dragon that is Sony.

Because Sony is weakened right now! As I mentioned in an earlier post, the video quality out of the new Sony A99 and NEX cameras is a big disappointment! The added dynamic range of the GH3 should be the ingredient necessary to push Panasonic into a league of its own, outgunned only by the Blackmagic Camera. Whatever it takes, Panasonic, generate more interest in the GH3.

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