Tuesday, November 20, 2012

E-PM2 Gets DxO Review

And we have the last of the Olympus triumvirate: the E-PM2. It's Oly's smallest m4/3 camera and when combined with the 20mm pancake is nearly pocketable. And while Oly has removed most of the pro-oriented controls and design touches, the guts remain fantastic. Overall, it is placed below the E-PL5 at DxOMark, but the sensor puts in the highest ISO performance of any 4/3 sensor, by far, and breaks 900 for the first time. The best APS-C sensors are still beyond this, as would be expected, but not by far.

That said, the difference between this camera and the E-PL5 is very small. It falls within the margin of error of DxOMark's measurements. Again, this appears to be because the camera has no AA filter at all. Also, the E-PM2 is only $100 cheaper than the E-PL5, which is a much more complete camera, thus making the Mini a bit of a puzzling creature. The camera will never be truly pocketable, so why bother trying. Spend the extra $100 and get all of the great controls and better screen.

Regardless, this is a good camera. I'm not sure it needs to exist, but at least it's not bad.

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