Friday, September 27, 2013

How Long have the EOS 6D and D600 Been Discounted?

I was just made aware that the Canon EOS 6D is being discounted by pretty much everyone. It can be had for $200 below MSRP online and many independent shops are selling it for $300-$500 off MSRP.

First, I'm surprised to see these prices. As far as I know, the 6D has been a monster hit for Canon. There's no reason for a big success to discount. Is it possible that the 6D has not been a success? Every dealer I know says it sold well.

This leaves open the possibility that the 6D sold well only because of discounts at the dealer level. Lord knows, we see that often enough in the camera world.

In confusion, I checked the primary competitor to the 6D, the Nikon D600, which has been an even bigger hit, and it is seeing similar discounts. I found two dealers with advertised prices for the D600 of $1,699 (all of my prices assume body-only).

Perhaps Canon and Nikon both realized that entry-level FF cameras desperately needed to be well below $2,000? Because, well, that's true. The cameras at the $1,000 price point are getting incredibly good, with Fuji's cameras rocking very similar noise performance. On the high end, the Sony RX1 and the Nikon D800 made obsolete any cameras even close in price. As such, both corporations did a top-down, not-advertised policy of discounting. That would certainly drive sales.

Regardless, while I am no fan of the Canon 6D, if you can net a new one for $1,500, it's hands-down worth it. The Nikon D600 is even more worth it. A saying that I've always liked is "there are no bad products, only bad prices." I thought the 6D was crap, but only for its original price. Lop a few hundred dollars off and it's a great time to enter the world of full-frame gear.

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