Thursday, January 5, 2012

Details Of The Fuji X-Pro 1 Finally Leak

Extensive details of Fuji's upcoming interchangeable lens system have finally released and it is looking good. Remember when I posted that the only thing stopping me from jumping head-long into Sony's system from Canon and 4/3 was that I wanted to wait and see what Fuji produced? No? Read my blog more

While I think that the "Pro" moniker is a little bit presumptuous, the enthusiast market with a little money to burn will eat this up. It has the same retro styling that has made the X100 and X10 such darlings, and is launching with, assuming based on the price, three high-quality lenses. It is a small system, but one that appears well-chosen. Compare this to the large 4/3 and Micro 4/3 market, where they are selling five near-identical 14-42mm lenses with distinctly kit-lens quality.

Details about the sensor will not be solidified until its actual launch. As you would expect, Fuji is touting the sensor as the greatest thing in the history of everything ever, but that is just marketing speak. They claim that their APS-C sensor will outperform full-frame sensors, which I doubt. An engineer can only do so much with a set amount of light.

That said, the sensor is the most interesting sensor on the market, even compared to Foveon. There will be SIX different colored pixels scattered in a random array on the sensor surface. I have no idea how that is going to work, since the non-random nature of the pixels is kinda' important. Still, this has allowed them to use NO anti-aliasing filter, which means that the detail produced by the camera should be very impressive.

Again, I doubt that actual pros will be much interested in this tiny system and its quirky styling, but if Fuji gets the price of a body/lens combo under $1500, Sony will have some serious competition, and Micro 4/3 may be good as dead.

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