Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fuji X10 Gets DxOMarked

Fuji's new compact baby, the X10, has passed its first serious test: DxOMark. The results are about in line with what was expected based on the test images.

Again, the camera does not do so well compared to 4/3 cameras, but it does very well compared to the Nikon V1/J1 and other compact cameras. With only Canon's S100 really providing competition, the Fuji is certainly the best compact camera on the market. The real question is whether it is worth its exorbitant $600 price tag. I'm still leaning towards "no".

The performance difference is certainly real, and it can be seen in photos. The lens on the Fuji is also better than the Canon. But when Olympus makes the XZ-1, which has a better lens than all of them, and Canon's Jpeg processing is noticeably better than the Fuji, I'm sorry, but the highest price in the segment does not warrant some functional give-n'-take. Everything must be the best, and it's not.

I hope that Fuji lops $100 off of the price, because that will go a long way towards making the value equation of this camera equal out.

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