Thursday, January 19, 2012

Momma Don't Take My Whole Damned Corporation Away

Kodak has filed for bankruptcy. More so than Polaroid, I consider this the end of an era. We have officially, and without doubt, left the analog world behind.

Obviously, this was coming long before analog had even shown signs of weakness. The first time that I ever played with a digital camera was in 1996, and even then I knew that it was the future. Kodak's fall is its own fault.

It is still hard to say that, though. Kodak could have succeeded. It actually did have quite a few things going for it, but instead of leveraging those into something good, they were sold. Kodak sold its medium format sensor business to Phase One. It sold its most valuable patents to... someone. Executives failed to partner up with other companies. They failed to make competitive consumer products. They failed at almost everything.

But most egregiously, they failed to live up to the name. Rest in peace, Kodak. We hardly knew ye.

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