Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Panasonic GX1 Gets DxOMarked

703. That's the ISO score for the new GX1. DxOMark's ISO score is the ISO level at which noise starts to swamp detail in low light. The GX1 is the first 4/3 camera to crack the 700 barrier, and that's a pretty big deal. Because even though ISO is important for low-light situations, noise in high-light situations is what results in cheaper cameras appearing smeared and bland in color richness and transitions. The lower the noise, the better images at ALL settings look.

Unfortunately, as was expected, the dynamic range and color depth are identical. That is to say, crap. They were quite acceptable when these sensors premiered over three years ago, but today, they are no longer competitive. They are now outclassed by even the Nikon V1 and J1, which have sensors that are 25% smaller.

Still, the increase in ISO performance means that Panasonic has found new ways to decrease noise in the other elements of the signal pathway. That is always good, especially considering that Panasonic managed to make a significantly noisier camera with the same sensor than Olympus, all because their pathway was inferior.

That's not enough, though. The camera is very expensive and only somewhat improves upon the GF1, and is actually inferior as regards color depth. Sorry Panasonic. When Sony produces a similarly-priced camera that achieves over two more stops of range, you are more than out-classed, you are positively obviated. Please. Don't make me give up my 4/3 lenses. Give a good camera!

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