Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Canon G1X Get's DxO Review

The new Canon G1X has gotten the ol' DxOMark treatment... and it's disappointing. When Focus Numerique performed its image comparison of the new G1X, the GX1, the NEX 5n, and the Fuji X100, the images out of the Canon were very impressive. They came close to the NEX 5n and noticeable defeated the Panasonic.

Well what a difference processing makes. Both Sony and Panasonic are well known for having horrible image processing, especially Sony. Canon's processing, on the other hand, is known for being excellent. DxO Mark equalizes things by testing on RAW, which is the information that photogs really care about.

Frankly, I was expecting more from this after seeing the comparison. These numbers are unequivocal; if I brought this camera into my workflow, I would see little difference between this and the GH2, if any. That's a real disappointment and a damning indictment of Canon's sensor development. If this is the current state of Canon's sensors, the upcoming 1Dx and 7D replacement are already inferior to the competition, and they aren't even out yet.

This also means that the price for the Canon is wildly out of bounds. A Panasonic G3 and 20mm lens would be cheaper and significantly outperform the Canon, the zoom lens be damned. This is quite the let-down. If the price wasn't so freaking high, this wouldn't be an issue, but at $800, I'd rather take a G3, GH2, GH1, GX1, NEX 5n, or simply save up the extra cash and spring for the NEX 7 or Fuji X100.

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